About The Children Of Mount Everest Project 

Maria Eldering and Maartje Hinse, Haarlemmers born and bred, met in 2014 on a trip in the Himalayas, where, on their trekking expedition to Mount Everest base camp, they made the acquaintance of many sherpas.
Two weeks later, 16 of these sherpas and guides lost their lives in one of the deadliest avalanches ever to hit Mount Everest.


To support the bereaved families and to find out more about what kind of help they need, Maria and Maartje are returning to the Mount Everest region three years later, starting in Namcha Bazaar. When they return, they plan to publish a book with stories and portraits, highlighting the difficult circumstances of the sherpa families in the affected area. A large part of the proceeds of the book will go into a fund which offers financial support to the families on the ground.

The original color of the Nepalese cheeks will be visible when the book is finished ;-)

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